At SUSHICO. we are all about sourcing the best quality and freshest ingredients. In doing so, we honor traditional sushi and create an unmatched foundation to explore creativity.

We take the time to develop meaningful relationships with our suppliers. This ensures the passion for what we offer you, extends far beyond our reach. This also provides us and our customers with the assurance that our ingredients are ethically sourced and sustainable. Our goal is to provide everyone with a peace of mind that everyone can enjoy and feel good about. When you taste SUSHICO., you'll wonder how it's guilt free, but it is.

Executive Chef

Alexander Nagi

Chef Nagi

Chef Alexander Nagi, is a born and raised New Englander with over 20 years of experience in the restaurant business.

Chef Nagi's history is richly woven with the ocean and what it has to offer. Spending quality time surfcasting for Stripers on Martha's Vineyard and going offshore for Bluefin Tuna, filled his summers growing up. His career has been largely inspired by the seasonality and migration of fish in our local waters.

This project is a culmination of all of chef Nagi's talents and desire to elevate great ingredients into great moments of our lives.